The Twentieth Century’s Most Famous Café

The Rotonde in the Montparnasse district of Paris is arguably the most famous café of the 20th century, which means it may be the world’s most famous café ever. Catering to the shapers of culture during the modernist period between World War I and World War II, the Rotonde welcomed the most famous ex-patriots from the Western world. Read more “The Twentieth Century’s Most Famous Café”

Where does the United States rank in world coffee consumption?

We are the tops in this category! (Kind of.) The United States consumes more coffee overall than any other country in the world.

What about Italy, you ask. What about France? What about Columbia where children start drinking coffee in the cradle?

Don’t be too quick to doubt the validity of the reputations of European countries like Italy and France, which are famous for their high-quality coffees and their delightful and sophisticated coffee cultures. Read more “Where does the United States rank in world coffee consumption?”

Coffee Shop Reflections: Our Community is Fluid & Adventurous!

Since opening in 2009, one of the things we’ve learned at Sagebrush is just how fluid the life of our community is.

Coffee shops are unique for being part of the daily routine of a community of people and, being in this unique position, we have seen first hand just how dynamic and ever-changing people’s lives are today in our neighborhood of the Antelope Valley and beyond. Read more “Coffee Shop Reflections: Our Community is Fluid & Adventurous!”